Selenium Mobile Test Automation Script in Python with Appium

By | 01/10/2015

You can automate your Android testcases by Python language and use Appium. to do that, first start Appium server and run following code:

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
import unittest
from appium import webdriver

class TestClass(unittest.TestCase):

    def setUpClass(self):
        desired_caps = {}
        desired_caps['platformName'] = 'Android'
        desired_caps['platformVersion'] = '4.4.2'
        desired_caps['deviceName'] = 'mahsum'
        desired_caps['newCommandTimeout'] = '60'
        self.driver = webdriver.Remote('http://localhost:4723/wd/hub', desired_caps)
    def test_TextView(self):
    def tearDownClass(self):

if __name__ == '__main__':

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