Run Selenium Scripts with Jenkins CI

By | 12/09/2015

You write your automation script, they are working perfectly anf got perfect result. But, will you run script everytime manually? Solution is Continuous Integration tools. Most known is Jenkins.

Let’s setup a job to run our test.

  1. Open Jenkins homepage
  2. Click on New Item link at left-top corner
    1-jenkins-new item
  3. Because of we have a simple python script without any deploy tool, we will select “Freestyle project”.(soon, i’m going to post for other options). Enter a name into “Item name” textbox(i write “PythonSelenium”). Click “OK” button
  4. In detailed form, for “Source Code Management” section, select “None” option. Most important point is “Add built step” list. Select “Execute shell” . Enter following command into textbox: Python <your_path>/
  1. Click on Save button.


If everything goes right, you will see your item(PythonSelenium) in Job list at homepage. Click on your job link(under Name column). At opened page, click on “Build Now” link. Script start running. You can see result from “Build History”.



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